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Writing master’s theses in sociology – what to keep in mind

Writing master’s theses in sociology – what to keep in mind

Writing master’s theses in sociology is a real gehenna for many students. In the following article, we will present things to keep in mind when writing a master’s thesis or a BA in sociology. These things can greatly help throughout the creative process, and hence – save time and nerves.

Let’s start with an absolutely basic thing. Cooperation with the promoter is absolutely essential. He has the appropriate experience and competence. He should inform us whether the diploma thesis we are writing goes to the right or wrong. It often happens that the promoter even suggests the choice of the subject of our work.

The next important thing is our diligent, systematic work on the diploma thesis. It’s best to designate that we write this job every day for an hour a day. Thanks to this, the quality of the work will be high and we will know the content of our work very well. The written material should be systematically presented to our promoter. Such a methodical approach to writing work should be very fruitful. Leaving everything for the last moment can end tragically.

Another very important thing that we should remember is literature in our diploma thesis. Items included in it should not be lower than 10 years. Thanks to this assumption we are sure that we present current knowledge in a given field in our work.

Another thing to keep in mind is the topic of our work. It should be attractive to a potential employer. In the case of sociology it can be, for example, “the use of sociological research in marketing”. The more practical the nature of our work, the better.

Writing master’s theses in sociology – general reflections on the labor market.

Writing master’s theses in sociology is only the beginning of a professional career for Sociology students. The practical skills are currently the most important on the labor market. The more we have them, the better. Work in the profession of a sociologist may not be too much. Currently, a lot of job offers are for traders and for marketing. A sociologist must now be flexible and able to adapt to the rapidly changing labor market.

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